Meet the Team

Sourish Jasti 

Co-Founder of Altrui Foundation

Sourish Jasti is a current freshman at The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. He is a strong believer in meliorism (the belief that the world can be made better by human effort) and looks to impact the world through his social impact endeavors. Sourish is also the founder of Jasti Clean Water Initiative ( and CompanyRoots ( 

Shreya Kavuru

Co-Founder of Altrui Foundation

Shreya Kavuru is a current senior at St. Paul's School. Her passion for community service started when she was young. She constantly looks for ways to better someone's life, whether it be through the mentor program at her school or the nonprofit organization she is starting. Some of Shreya's interests are dancing, playing tennis, and conducting scientific research.

Rahul Kavuru

Co-Founder of Altrui Foundation

Rahul Kavuru is a current junior at St. Paul's School. He looks to socially improve the well-being of communities around the world through various outlets. Rahul is also the president of CompanyRoots ( and the vice-president of Jasti Clean Water Initiative ( Some of Rahul's passions include tennis, math, and basic coding.

Amit Kallakuri

Altrui Foundation Head Writer

Amit Kallakuri is a current senior at Holmdel High School. Through joining Altrui Foundation, Amit looks to further his involvement in social impact projects by translating his passion for writing to the grassroots work that Altrui is tasked to fulfill.   

Justin Zhang

Altrui Rx Manager

Justin Zhang is a current freshman at the University of Pennsylvania studying computer science. He spends his time volunteering at community events and engaging in engineering-related research. He hopes to continue his involvement in community service through the Altrui Foundation. Some of Justin's interests include astronomy, music, and running.

Maxime Lahlou

Altrui Education Manager

Max Lahlou is a current freshman at Princeton University, where he will study electrical engineering. His academic interests are focused on mathematics and physics, and he loves applying his knowledge to the real world, particularly with technology. His other passions include mountaineering, skiing, and cooking.

Malik Javaid

Altrui Foundation Marketing Manager

Malik Javaid is a current freshman at Columbia University studying applied math/computer science. He is a strong advocate for education and spends his time tutoring and volunteering at various events dedicated to this cause. He hopes to make an impact through his work with the Altrui Foundation. In his spare time, he produces music, creates graphic designs and animations, and bikes. 

Swathi Pavuluri

Altrui Rx Team

Swathi Pavuluri is a current first year student at New Jersey Medical School. She is passionate about contributing resources to communities in need to address important health inequities. She is also a founder of the radiology interest group at her school and is actively involved with volunteer work in her surrounding community. Her hobbies include digital art, skateboarding, and listening to music.

Daniel Yuan

Altrui Rx Software Engineer

Daniel Yuan is a current freshman at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He is working on full-stack solutions to Altrui's services. He hopes to contribute to his community through his work with Altrui. In his free time, Daniel enjoys playing strategy games such as Teamfight Tactics and spending time with others. Outside of Altrui, he enjoys working on programming projects and learning new concepts (check out his work at !).